Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creamy Leeks and Potatoes

"Eat leeks in November and garlic in May, and all the year after the physicians may play."
                                       -----   adapted from an old Welsh saying

It gets dark by 4:00 p.m. and the temperature is in the low twenties.  Almost every night, I have a fire now, to provide the light that has disappeared from the day.  Thus, I am still caught in comfort food mode!

I made this successful melding of leeks and grated potatoes the other night, mixed it with a cream sauce seasoned with a bit of dijon and red pepper flakes with salt, and baked it to succulence.

This is one satisfying dish!  The secret is sautéing the thinly sliced leeks in Earth Balance slowly, to tender perfection, then mixing to a ration of almost half and half with grated Yukon Gold potatoes, and uniting with a cream sauce.

Once the mixture is almost baked, and it takes awhile, it is covered with a deepish layer of Panko, sprinkled lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then baked to completion until the potatoes are tender and the Panko is brown and toasty.

This dish will keep you warm and snuggly all winter long.

Find this recipe on the Soul Food page.

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