Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pad Thai in the Snow

"Pad" means stir fry or to fry in Thai, so in this sense this recipe is a stir fry of rice noodles with a seasoning of coconut milk, spices, and chilies.  However, this dish does not have the eggs, fish sauce and/or meat often associated with this dish.  Try it and you will find that it is totally flavorful, with no need of the critter additions.  Don't skimp on the peanuts, lime, thai curry, green onions or cilantro.  These items will add lots of savory body, depth and flavor to your dish.

Keep an eye on your Thai curry.  Many of them are not vegan, as they are blended with fish or shrimp paste.

I like this dish best with the wider rice noodles.  Remember, they are not cooked prior to use, but soaked in hot water for about eight minutes.  Don't over soak, as who wants mushy noodles?  And they will be cooked more as they are mixed with the seasonings and sauces.

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